Tiwa Savage (source: Instagram)
Tiwa Savage (source: Instagram)

Broadcast journalist Charles Anazodo has taken to his Twitter handle to call out songstress Tiwa Savage for not ‘having the courtesy to say hello’, during her visit to The Beat FM, Concise News reports.

According to Anazodo, the singer had walked past him and his colleague, Joseph Faulkner, and did not deem it fit to greet them probably because of her personality.

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This news medium understands that Anazodo and Faulkner are presenters on The Beat FM’s sister station, Lagos Talks, where they present a popular sports show, Sports Zone.

He tweeted: @Tiwa Savage was a guest on the beat 999fm earlier today, arrived and walked past kallyjoe and I and didn’t have the courtesy to say hello. I guess being a superstar gives you the right to be discourteous.”

But Anazoda got what he did not bargain for as Tiwa replied his tweet, asking him “who are you to think you can’t say hi first?”

The songstress also noted that she was late for her interview and may not have seen him because of the hat she had on.

“First of all, I’m sure you saw me rushing to the studio because I was late for my interview plus I had a hat on, second I’m glad I didn’t say hi because who are you to think you can’t say hi first?” Tiwa tweeted

Replying, Anazodo said: “I’m nobody just another human being. Cheers.”