Transfer Deadline Day: Arsenal Confirm Signing Of Defender
Arsenal close in on Celtic defender Kieran Tierney on transfer deadline daiy (image courtesy Getty)

Arsenal star Kieran Tierney has admitted that he is struggling to settle down to life in London following his move from Celtic this summer

Concise News reports that Tierney who had spent his youthful and professional career in Celtic admitted that it has been a huge challenge for him living in the new city.

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He noted that being without his family and friends has not been easy as he stated that he does not go far from his house.

“Coming to London has been a huge change for me,” he told SportsMail. “I’m a home boy who has always stayed with my parents and now I’ve come to a new country and a massive city.

“I’m living on my own for the first time and it’s not been great. I need to cook every night and I’m still learning how to do that. But I’ll get there.

“People back home ask me “what’s London like?” But I have no idea because I’ve never been into the city.

“I train, I work hard, I go home to recover and I train the next day. It’s just a simple life and I put everything into football.

“Signing for Arsenal was the hardest decision of my life, leaving the club I had been at for 15 years of my life.”