Why Nigeria Still Remains Dependent 59 Years After Independence
Nigeria marks 59 years of independence (Sunday Alamba/AP)

Aside being blessed with natural resources, Nigeria has great musical talents whose impacts cannot be overemphasized in promoting unity in the country.

These musical talents have also taken creativity across the borders of Africa’s most populous country with different genres such as: juju, funk, highlife, afro juju, afrobeats, jazz, rock and roll.

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Evergreen Independence Day Songs

Well, as Nigeria marks her 59th independence day anniversary, Concise News looks back at some evergreen songs by Nigerian musical icons.

These songs call on Nigerians to join hands in building the West African country.

  1. Sunny Ade

The legendary juju singer produced the evergreen song “The way Forward” which called on Nigerians to embrace Nigeria’s values and cultures.

Sunny Ade, alongside over 30 other acts, teamed up to make the juju national anthem. Orlando Owoh, Dele Abiodun, Malik Showman, as well as Oritz Wiliki, Charley Boy, Bola Ajibola, Segun Arinze and many others were part of the singers on parade.


2. Onyeka Onwenu 

Onwenu is another legendary singer whose songs cannot but pass a reasonable message. Her “One love” is another song perfect for the Independence Day celebration.

A part of the lyrics reads: “Living one love between; Looks for a brighter day
You never need worry; Let one love set you free, One love keep us together
Living in a world it’s a struggle to staying alive.”

3. TY Bello

In the songstress came through with “The Future” that reminds Nigeria of its past years and the future that lies ahead of her.

“The Future” also reminds Nigerians that the future is now.

Part of the lyrics read: “How can they say that we are finished We have just begun When we have no where else to run to, We have no where else to go.”

4. Funmi Adams

Funmi Adams calls on Nigerians to work together while reiterating that unity is key in “Nigeria my beloved country;” another suitable song for Independence Day celebration.

5. Sound Sultan

Also, there is “Motherland”, produced in 2007, which reminds Nigerians in diaspora that there is nowhere like home.

Sound Sultan hammers on patriotism. “Motherland” urges citizens to think twice before travelling out of the country in search of greener pastures.


6. Evi Edna

The reggae queen in her “One Kilometre” song speaks on the diverse ethnic groups and how they are separated by kilometres.

7. Nigerian leaders

Seeing Nigerian leaders collaborate to sing “Song of Unity” is a form of encouragement  for the citizen to embrace unity despite their cultural and traditional beliefs.

“Song of Unity” features vice-president Yemi Osinbajo; former head of state, Yakubu Gowon; former head of state and president, Olusegun Obasanjo; interim Nigerian leader Ernest Shonekan; ex-vice-president, Alex Ekwueme, former deputy heads of state Ebitu Ukiwe; and Oladipo Diya.

8. Timi Dakolo

Another song that glorifies the heritage and unity of Nigeria is “Great Nation” by Timi Dakolo.

“Though we are many people, Different tribes, different tongues
We’re united in our strength and resolve, To uphold the honour of our land,” part of the lyrics read.