Why Nigeria Still Remains Dependent 59 Years After Independence
Nigeria marks 59 years of independence [Sunday Alamba/AP]
General Overseer of the All Christian Fellowship Mission, Reverend William Okoye has said that ‘richly-endowed’ Nigeria need ‘to promote values that built other nations such as meritocracy’ if she desires to move forward, Concise News reports.

Okoye, who gave the advice on Sunday at a Church Service to mark Nigeria’s 59th Independence on October 1, in Abuja urged leaders in the country to lead by example and with integrity, saying it is the key to authentic leadership.

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“If we want Nigeria to move forward, we have to promote values that built other nations such like meritocracy.

“We must learn to put the values of the mind and the spirit before all else.

“Any individual or a nation that places more emphasis on materialism is toying with disaster.

“So today, as we begin the process of celebrating our Independence Day, let everyone of us commit ourselves anew and afresh.

“We have to thank God that we are here today, it could have been worse.

“I believe that our leaders have done well but they should do more to bring back the ethics and values of the country,” he said.

Furthermore, the clergyman stated that no nation can develop without men and women of integrity. Thus, he stressed the need for leaders to restructure and promote values that would restore the image of the country to attract more investors.

“Integrity is key to authentic leadership and national development. It brings about trust and trust creates wealth.

“The entire Western civilization is built on godly values and it is these godly values that build a nation.

“A nation without men and women of integrity, both leaders and followers will not make progress.

“Because success and development of any nation is usually built on sound values,” he said.