n-power news
Excited N-Power beneficiaries (Photo: N-Power/Twitter)

As September ends, beneficiaries of the Federal Government’s N-Power programme are requesting for payment of their stipend, Concise News reports.

It is the routine to have volunteers besiege the official Twitter account of the Job Creation and Empowerment Initiative of the Social Investment Programme of the Nigerian Government to demand payment.

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The largest black nation on earth, Nigeria, celebrates 59 years of gaining independence from Britain on Tuesday, and some beneficiaries say timely payment of their living wage will be helpful.

It would be recalled that March stipends were not paid as and when due. However, our findings revealed that beneficiaries received their salary on the due date in the months of April and May.

This online news medium noticed that federal workers usually receive their salaries between 25th and 30th of each month. But N-Power beneficiaries – classified as Federal Government workers too – do not have a consistent payday.

See some reactions below:

Billions of naira have been spent on the N-Power programme since its inception in December 2016.

The scheme currently engages no fewer than 500,000 youth graduates deployed to provide public health services in teaching, health, agriculture and tax and monitoring.

It also engages another 200,000 non-graduates in training or on attachment to organisations as interns.