El-Rufai Enrols Son To School | Image Courtesy NAN

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has commended the decision of Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State to enrol his six-year-old son in a public primary school.

Concise News had reported that El-Rufai last week Monday enrolled his son Abubakar El-Rufai in a public primary school.

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El-Rufai had enroled his son as a primary one pupil of Kaduna Capital School as the new academic session begins in the northwest state.

Speaking to the reporters, the governor said he took the action to express his determination to raise the standards of education in the state.

However, the group in a press statement issued on Sunday signed by its director, Ishaq Akintola, described the governor’s move as bold and daring

“This is good news. It is unheard of in the history of this country that a state governor identifies with the masses by enrolling his biological son or daughter in a public school.

“We are particularly interested in what El-Rufai has done because MURIC had long been advocating that public officers should enroll their children in public schools up to tertiary level. We are therefore excited that at least one sitting governor has hearkened to our tiding.

“MURIC salutes El-Rufai for walking his talk. Come to think of it: how many of our leaders of today keep their promises?

“On the contrary, they double-speak, cheat and lie without batting an eyelid. Whereas El-Rufai has identified with the Kaduna people, other political leaders have held tightly to a mentality of class compartmentalisation of the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’, the poor jamahiir and the capitalist comprador bourgeouisie.

“If we put ethnic, religious and political sentiments aside, we will see that El-Rufai has done what we all thought was impossible in our lifetime. It is the hallmark of good governance. Change is definitely here. The mantra of change introduced by the Buhari regime is now a reality.

MURIC highlighted the advantages of the enrolment of children of public office holders in public schools.

“There are many advantages in the enrolment of children of public office holders in public schools. For instance, it boosts public confidence in the education system.

“It also ensures that leaders become active stakeholders in the affairs of public schools. There is no gainsaying that political leaders may not pay proper attention to public schools unless their own children enrolled in them.

“This may attract the much needed infrastructural facilities and improved teachers’ welfare to public schools.

“To cap the edifice, we call on other governors and political leaders to emulate Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. In particular,

“We appeal to Nigerians, in general, to take their destiny in their own hands by refusing to vote for politicians who distance themselves from the masses,” he said.