Clergyman Highlights 'Harm' Love Of Money Has Caused Nigeria
Naira/File Photo

A Catholic Cleric, Rev. Fr. Anthony Nwafor, has said that the deep quest and love of money by many Nigerians has contributed to the increasing rate of societal crimes, corruption and fraud in the country.

Concise News reports that Nwafor said this during his sermon on Sunday in Awka.

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“The love of money is the reason prostitution, armed robbery, human trafficking, drug trafficking, money rituals, kidnapping, fraud, child labour and other vices are thriving in our country.

“Love of money is the reason many government officials embezzle public funds. It has turned Politics to table of corruption and violence as elected officials go to the seat of power to loot public funds rather than use it to better the lives of the people.

“The universities are not spared as lecturers demand money for marks and sell unnecessary handouts to students.

“Even religion has been turned into a money-making venture as pastors emphasise more on prosperity and even say ‘I don’t serve a poor God’, ” he said.

According to the cleric, money or riches in itself is not evil, rather the love of it is evil.

“Money in itself is not evil. The Bible says, `The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

“Money can be used to build orphanages and hospitals, to feed the poor, to build universities, to educate and better the lives of people.

“The question is, what is money being used for? Is it being used for God’s glory and betterment of humanity or is it being used only for pleasure?

“Is it being used for pride, to support dictators, and for the purchase of arms with which to kill people,” he said

Nwafor said many Nigerians believed that poverty is a curse which was why they indulge in crimes to make money by any means.

According to him, neither poverty nor riches is evil as they both come from God.

“For those who are rich, don’t let your wealth control you or take your heart away from God. For the poor, don’t lose hope.

“God can reverse any situation, you can be poor today and tomorrow you become rich and you can be rich today and tomorrow you become poor,” he advised.

Independence: Cleric urges Nigerians to embrace peace for sustainable national dev.

In related news, Bishop Monday Nkwoagu of Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion in Ebonyi, has called on Nigerians to shun violence and embrace peace for sustainable national socio-economic growth and development.

Nkwoagu made the call in an interview with NAN in Abakiliki on Monday, while speaking on Nigeria’s 59th independence anniversary.

He said that Nigeria needed peace to move forward as a nation.

He, therefore, charged religious bodies, non-governmental organisations and political leaders to continue to disseminate the message of peace and unity in Nigeria.

The clergyman warned that “dwelling in the sin of violence, nepotism, wickedness and other forms of evil doing lead to reproach.

He said: “The bible says that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach. Sin has the potency to bring war, destabilisation and disintegration, lack of joy and happiness.

“This means that God will exalt a land that pleases him with morally right behaviour and reproach will continue to follow a state that remains in sin.

“Nigeria at 59 years of age needs to return to God for peace and unity but the condition is confessing our sins with sincerity and demonstration of penitence.

“God will only have mercy on us when we fear him, do things the right way, treating all class of persons equally and justly,” he said.