Sri Lanka Attack: 16 Suspects Arrested Over Suicide Bombing
Sri Lanka Attack: 16 Suspects Arrested Over Suicide Bombing

Following attacks that hit Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, China has donated security equipment worth 4.2 million Dollars to the country.

Concise News had reported that the bomb attacks killed over 250 people on April 21, this year.

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China’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka Cheng Xueyuan in a statement said the equipment were handed over to the Sri Lankan government at a ceremony held at the Presidential Secretariat in capital Colombo.

The statement said the equipment which include 500 hand held metal detectors, 25 walk through safety inspection gates, 50 x-ray security inspection systems, 25 hand-held vehicle scanners, three explosive detectors and three explosives and narcotics trace detectors were demanded by Sri Lankan government.

Besides the equipment, China will also send a technical team to Sri Lanka for installation and training, the statement said.

Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary Shantha Kottegoda said at the handover ceremony that following the April bombings, the government had requested China and other friendly nations to help strengthen the country’s security capacity.

China had immediately responded positively and donated security equipment.

Friday’s donation is part of a series of donations made to the Sri Lankan government and Sri Lanka is thankful to China for this, Kottegoda said.

Chinese ambassador said that China will continue to strengthen its co-operation with Sri Lanka in several sectors and it is determined to promote all round cooperation which will benefit the two countries and the peoples.