UK MPs Pass Law To Block No-deal Brexit
UK Parliament

Britain’s Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled “unlawful” a decision by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend parliament in the run-up to Brexit, saying it was “void and of no effect”.

“The court is bound to conclude… that the decision to advise Her Majesty to prorogue parliament was unlawful,” Supreme Court head Brenda Hale said in the ruling.

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A total of 11 judges at the apex court in London made the historic decision that Johnson should not have asked the Queen to prorogue parliament until 14 October.

The justices were asked to determine whether the PM’s advice to the Queen was ‘justiciable’ – capable of challenge in the courts – and, if so, whether it was lawful.

They unanimously agreed the advice was justiciable. They also unanimously agreed that the prorogue was unlawful. Lady Hale said the prorogation was ‘void and of no effect’, adding: ‘Parliament has not been prorogued.’