Killings: Amnesty Int'l Issues Travel Warning To Visitors
A gun. Source: Facebook.

A Senator in Haiti has fired a handgun during a protest on Monday leading to an injury to a photojournalist, Concise News reports.

The lawmaker Senator Jean Marie Ralph Fethiere is a member of Haiti’s ruling party as anger increases against President Jovenel Moise’s government over fuel and food shortages.

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Fethiere came out of a  white truck close to parliament in the capital Port-au-Prince after many protesters opened his passenger-side door as he gestured and yelled at the lawmaker.

He wore a wearing a black suit jacket and jeans, pulled out a handgun and fired many shots which sent people around his car running away.

It was after this that he got inside his car and drove off the parking lot with Associated Press photographer Dieu-Nalio Chery getting injured in the jaw during the incident.

Chery would have to undergon treatment to get a bullet fragment off his body and expected to recover soon.

But when asked about the incident, the Senator said he acted in self-defense seeing the number of people that swarmed his car.