Bobrisky Leaves Fans To Keep Guessing Gender

Controversial Nigerian dresser, Bobrisky has through recent Instagram post said he will not reveal his sexuality, Concise News reports.

According to the supposed male barbie, he said at least not yet as it’s not anybody’s business.

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He hinted that the assignment he has for curious Nigerians who want to know what his sexuality is is to keep guessing.

In his post, he wrote, “Learning how to Bleep with people brain is also a hustle. Till further noticed no one I repeat no one will ever know my sexuality.

“Till am a billionaire I will now open up myself. Keep shouting gay up and down. You will tell me maybe you catch a man on top me.

“The more people keep showing interest to know about your SEXUALITY as if it’s their business the more I keep fucking their brain up.

“Just imagine someone saying Bobrisky now has breast and hips. The question is “WAS HE THERE WITH ME WHEN I WAS FIXING THE BREAST. Nigeria ?? my country. Your assignment is keep guessing till I decide to open up myself”