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Lampard’s Chelsea had on Sunday, August 11, lost 4-0 to Manchester United (image courtesy: Reuters)

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has hinted that Fikayo Tomori may get a call up to the England senior team, Concise News reports.

Tomori who is of Nigerian descent has been in fine form for the London club this season.

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The player, born in Alberta, can also play for the Canadian team who he represented at youth level and England.

And Lampard is aware that the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) may want to convince the England youth international to switch allegiance to the West African side.

He also urged the youngster not to be worried about picking Nigeria or England but focus on his play.

The former Derby County manager said if Tomori keeps getting better, he has a chance of being picked by England boss Gareth Southgate.

“It’s his choice. I wouldn’t tell him where to play internationally,” Lampard said.

“But he has played for the U21s and if he continues with the form he has and keeps improving then there would be potential for England if Gareth chooses to select him. It’s his call.

“I think he shouldn’t worry about it too much at the minute. Just worry about the way he is playing and the way he trains.”

According to him, “It will be a nice problem for him if he is eligible for three, he can choose which one he wants.”

Lampard added: “I was aware of him (Tomori), not too much, just from a distance of being aware of players of the youth team at the time who were playing at a good level. Myself and John [Terry] would keep an eye on young players coming through.

“At Derby, it happened nicely for me because we needed a centre-back, we only had two last year, actual centre-backs at the start of the season.

“I knew Fikayo was available and the rest is short-term history, I suppose.

“I made the call. It was a nice fit in the end. Having known someone, and Jody had worked closely with him as well, so we knew his attributes and know where he could improve. The real credit of Fikayo is the way that he has approached it all.

“His mentality from when he came to Derby and to today has been brilliant. From beginning to end, that is why he is improving. I just trust in him.

“I trust in him as a player, the way that he trains every day, it’s the kind of thing I want to see daily and the way he plays.

“Of course he is a young player, like all young players there are moments where he can improve and that’s something he constantly needs to work on.

“I trust in him; hence, I wanted him as part of the squad. That wouldn’t have mattered who might have gone or not.

“My idea when I came here was to keep Fik part of the squad anyway because I trust him to come and play here. Where better a place to play than the club he has come through at?”