Christian Clergyman Sends 'Key' Message To Nigerian Judges
Bishop Olumakaiye urges Judges, Magistrates to ensure fair, equitable justice/NAN

Diocesan Bishop of the Lagos Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Rt Rev Humphrey Olumakaiye on Monday urged Judges and Magistrates to ensure a fair and equitable dispensation of justice.

Concise News reports that Olumakaiye, made the call at a prayer service to mark the beginning of the new 2019 to 202 legal year, for the state judiciary.

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In his Sermon, taken from the book of Exodus 23 verses  one to six, the Bishop reiterated the biblical provision which mandates Christians not to pervert justice meant for the poor, nor to collect a bribe.

He said that just as God led the Israelites into the promised land and gave them the 10 commandment, so also has God given a Code of Conduct to our leaders.

He, however, noted that when the Israelites obeyed the 10 commandments, God blessed them, but when they disobeyed same, they suffered the consequences of their disobedience.

According to him, our courts administers the law, but God demands justice in righteousness.

“Righteousness and Justice are key instruments of the law,” he said

He said that just as Nigeria has remained together through courage and fortitude, we must obey the call of the prophet Amos, and “let Justice roll down like water, and righteousness like an over flowing stream.”

Also, Bishop Olumakaiye urged: “Do not be part of lies; do not deny to help when needed even when they hate you; be on the part of justice, and do not accept a bribe or you will be personally guilty of a wicked society.

“The solution to a messed up world starts with you and I; We should not only administer justice, but teach the citizens of their rights and duties by putting them on the part of justice and fairness,” he said

Olumakaiye bemoaned the spate of drug abuse by the youths, adding that righteousness and Justice demands that employment be provided for the teaming youths.

According to him, to ensure peace, we must practice self sacrifice, and tolerate the views of others, adding that judicial officers are the link between government, the law and the people.

He, therefore, urged judges and Magistrates to see their profession as a ministry, and interprets their faith with their professional lives.

“Those who lack integrity hinder the progress of the society; we must not allow greed infiltrate our thoughts even as we begin another legal year,” he said.

The Church service had in attendance a large number of High Court judges, Magistrates, and officials of the State Judiciary.