T.B Joshua scoan
TB Joshua Reacts To Xenophobia (Photo: @SCOANTBJoshua/Twitter)

Prophet T. B Joshua has said “prosperity gospel” is not wrong since it depends on the intent of the preacher, Concise News reports.

The founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) noted this in a recent video on the church’s YouTube channel.

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He was responding to a question asked by some of his followers in his #AskTBJoshua series on social media.

The church wrote that “the controversial subject of the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ has led to much division and debate within Christianity.

“What are TB Joshua’s views – backed up by Scripture – on this important issue?”

While answering the question, the clergyman noted that “The issue is not about prosperity per se; it’s about the ultimate motive of the preacher.”

According to him, quoting Romans 14:5, giving is done by faith and as such anyone giving must do it with the belief that he would reap the harvest.

He faulted assertions by people who said they give and do not expect anything in return.

T.B Joshua said such statement is akin to a farmer who plant seeds but goes about telling people that he does not expect any harvest.

Furthermore, he stated that the statement is against God’s law of sowing and reaping.

He narrated the story of Prophet Elijah and the Window of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:11-16).

The preacher said that anyone who gives should expect a result but that such may not come from an expected source.

Also, he said that giving is much better than receiving.

Watch the full video below: