Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has appealed to his colleague Lizzy Anjorin to let her issues with Toyin Abraham slide, Concise News reports.

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The duo have been at loggerheads since Anjorin alleged that Abraham operated other private Instagram accounts to shade her colleagues.

She also accused Abraham of leaking damaging reports about her to blogs after she was reportedly held on drug peddling suspicions during her recent trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In reaction to the rifts, Fabiyi in a long post on his Instagram handle, Yomi wrote, “Dear Liz Anjorin, I want to humbly appeal to you to cease fire and find a means to officially channel your grieviancies to the leaders in our industry.”

Stating that he has no right to rubbish her plights or condemn her approach entirely, the actor said: “Mr Latin and his executives has listening ears and I am optimistic will ensure your plights are listened and attended to no matter whose ox is gored.

“Allowing the public and the fans be the judge in cases they have no clear understanding of or even the true personalities of most of us is unfair and unkind on them.

“However, I am in no position to judge or condemn you on this matter, but whatever you do, please leave room for reconciliation and peace, at least to the best of your ability before God and before man.

“You already apologized to your folks yesterday, that is lovely and mature. Hopefully appropiate corrections and steps are taken to guarantee peace on and offline in this industry. Any over stretched negativity from any of us, the major casuality is the INDUSTRY.

“NB: Apologies for making this public, some things are better done this way. No malice is intended. I care for you and every of our colleagues. LET US FIND PEACE AND IN THE RIGHT WAY.”

Fabiyi is also a human right activist and has once been Abraham’s close pal until they had altercations.