Xenophobia: Real Reason TB Joshua Shed Tears
TB Joshua crying (Photo: SCOAN Twitter)

Regarding the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa, the leader of Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN), T.B Joshua said he cried on the 8th of September, 2019 at his church’s service because he ‘saw other African youths joining the revolt’.

Concise News reports that T.B Joshua was responding to a question on ‘Good Morning and Win Today’ – a new series on SCOAN’s Emmanuel TV.

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The clergyman was asked about why he wept for Africa. The questioner says it was the first time Prophet Joshua would be seen crying in public, and it left many people ‘disturbed’.

Answering the question, Joshua says: “Thank God our prayers were answered.

“What we don’t know is that if we reject people on account of the bad ones among them, we also reject the good ones.

“To answer the question, I was crying because I saw other African youths joining the revolt – chasing other Africans out of their countries.

“Thank God our prayers were answered!

“Africa, it is not yet over. Let’s take adequate measures.

“In the meantime, let’s build ‘a home’ on the outskirts of the city for those who are found breaking the law.

“This will help us to keep the law.

“Take note – it is not only those who enter our countries illegally that are disobedient; some who enter legally may also disobey the laws of the land, as well as citizens of the country.

“The police will take them to this ‘home’ before the law takes its course.

“Without this, revolt among them is not yet over, especially in our country, South Africa.

“Don’t forget the prophetic word given in July 2013 (about a revolt in South Africa).”

Earlier, speaking to a congregation – which included hundreds of South African nationals on visit to his church – on Sunday 15th September 2019, Joshua said he cried “because of what he saw coming.”

“It was very necessary for Mr TB Joshua – not Prophet – to cry because of what he saw coming,”  Joshua said.

Prophet T.B. Joshua pledged to continue to help the Nigerian returnees (from South Africa) by praying for them and also through financial aid.

He promised to help them by investing in their future which is the future of Africa.