news apostle suleman
Apostle Johnson Suleman. Photo credit: Facebook

Apostle Johnson Suleman has condemned the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) over the implementation of charges on transactions, Concise News reports.

This news medium reports that the CBN on Tuesday said customers making cash deposits or withdrawals above N500,000 will pay charges starting from Wednesday, September 18,  in line with its new policy.

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According to the CBN, the “transaction fees” is to give vent to the bank’s policy designed to reduce cash in use.

“The transactions will attract three per cent processing fees for withdrawals and two per cent processing fees for lodgments above N500, 000 for individual accounts,” the apex bank said.

“Corporate accounts will attract five per cent processing fees for withdrawals and three per cent processing fee for lodgments above N3 million.”

While reacting to the move, Apostle Suleman noted that the notice was pretty short and predicted that it will make many Nigerian “bankless.”

In a series of tweets on his handle, he lamented that charges from the banks are now becoming much.

“[The] CBN’s directive to impose humongous percentage of cash withdrawal and deposit is shocking. Just one day notice?” he asked.

“They are trying to promote cashless society but now it’s going to be ‘bankless’ society. People might stop banking. The bank charges are already too much. Why add to it?”

Furthermore, he claimed that the, “CBN want us to do cashless. FIRS says they would impose huge taxes on online transactions…so CBN says cashless, FIRS says no cashless. …who do we obey?

“Nigeria sister institutions don’t talk to themselves before churning out policies…comedy.