AKA (source: Twitter)
AKA (source: Twitter)

South African rapper Jarryd Forbes known professionally as AKA has aired his thoughts on the reasons for increase in rape and murder case.

Taking to his Twitter handle, AKA blamed improper upbringing of male children for the increase in rape.

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According to the rapper, if the females are to be kept safe, the males must be well brought up.

He tweeted “Here’s a thought … if we want to keep this and the NEXT generation of women in our country safe, surely we should take an honest look at the upbringing of our BOYS and YOUNG MEN, so that they can take care of our women and children.”

Going further to say that the males who grew up to be murders and rapist have in one way felt unloved, he said: “South African boys who are told they are not worth anything, who are ignored, bullied and belittled … who have no self confidence or sense of responsibility … turn into South African MEN who rape and kill.”

AKA gained prominence after releasing his single “Victory Lap” which was released from his debut album, Alter Ego 2011.