Biafra news nnamdi kanu
Nnamdi Kanu. Source: Guardian Nigeria

Yabagi Sani has claimed that governors of states in Nigeria’s South East are treating the banned Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) with kids gloves, Concise News reports.

Yabagi Sani who is the National Chairman of Action Democratic Party (ADP) noted that South East governors have not done enough to handle the pro-Biafra group.

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He noted that IPOB sprang up due to the failure of governance, claiming that people will not want to leave the country if everything was fine.

“The IPOB activity can be viewed from both political and economical angles. When people start thinking that they are not part and parcel of what should belong to them, there is problem,” he told Daily Independent.

“If the unemployment level is not as high as it is I don’t think people would want to leave the country, because they have seen that nothing is happening that would give them confidence, that is why what happened in Japan took place in the first place.

“I think that the political aspect of it is what the president should be able to solve but also my message to the South East is that if they want to have leadership of the country, they should exhibit discipline and maturity.

“Today we are talking about power shift and the South-East says power should return to them. It is a political issue that the South-East at this time should understand that what happened in Japan gave them a bad name.

“Would Mr. President hand over power to his enemies if he has to make that choice? The reality is that Nigeria as we have today would go beyond where we are when power at national level ceases to be an issue based on merit.”

According to him, “A question was asked as to why President failed to control the Fulani herdsmen because they believe that Buhari is a Fulani man and should be able to take care of them.

“Similarly people can start inferring that South-East should be able to take care of IPOB. Just as you can say that Buhari has failed because you think that he possesses other avenues he can explore aside being the president to solve this problem.

“We can also say that for reasons best known to the South-East people, they are treating IPOB with kids gloves.

“We saw the case of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), former President Olusegun Obasanjo ordered they be shot at sight, but we saw some governors of the South-West using them, till today.

“It will do the South-East good to tackle the issue of IPOB, just like Buhari should call Fulani herdsmen to order.”