Babalola Calls For Upholding Of Educational Value
Jide Babalola (Source: facebook)

The founder of Grenville School, Babajide Babalola has called on students and parents to uphold educational values and policies.

He made the call while addressing students at the 8th anniversary of the academic institution on Tuesday, Sept 17th.

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In his speech, he noted that education has remained a continuous channel of growth with an importance that cannot be overemphasized.

The entrepreneur, therefore, called on Nigerians at all levels to cherish the values that accompany the sector, adding that, substantial knowledge is a way of moving the country to the desired destination.

He also went ahead to encourage students on putting their trust in God, noting that it is the starting point of any development that as well instills the many characteristics that makeup humankind.

He said, “Knowing how much every one of us understands this vision, I, therefore, call on individuals at different levels and offices to continually uphold the values.”

Coincidentally falling on his birthday and as a way of showing appreciation, a few students seized the opportunity to express their gratitude for the standard academic platform he has made available.

Other activities that took place during and after events were the cutting of cakes, photoshoots, playing of songs amidst other things.