Tammy Abraham | Getty Image

Following hat-trick in the Blues’ 5-2 victory over Wolves in the Premier League on Saturday, Chelsea manager, Frank Lampard has warned the in-form striker, Tammy Abraham to stay focused as it will get tougher for him, Concise News reports.

According to him, the 21-year-old has shown what he can do and he will become the center of attraction in every match.

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“Abraham needed to show it in pre-season and at the start of the season, hence he started at Manchester United,” Lampard was quoted by Goal as saying.

“I have competition up there. I definitely don’t want to down-talk Giroud and Batshuayi because we need them as well and Batshuayi looked sharp when he came on and Oli always gives something of a high level, so it was up to Tammy to show it.

“I’ve got confidence in him and I’m prepared to give him chances, but even more now I’ll be tougher on him because he’s shown what he can do. So the moment he wants to come off that and think that goals will just drop at his feet will be a moment when maybe he will be rested, so it’s important he makes sure he stays on his game.

“I’m happy because I see him every day with a feeling like he wants to play every day, to score goals every day and that’s something a bit special. You don’t see that in all young players and it’s a great gift in him.”