T.B Joshua scoan
TB Joshua Reacts To Xenophobia (Photo: @SCOANTBJoshua/Twitter)

Prophet  T. B Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) gave some Nigerians who returned from South Africa following xenophobic attacks N3 million, Concise News reports.

Concise News reported that several Nigerians have returned to the country following the attacks on foreigners in Nelson Mandela’s nation.

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And on Thursday, about 30 of them visited the SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria to see the clergyman.

They were given the N3 million by T.B Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners to help them in their businesses as they returned home.

“On Thursday 12th September 2019, 30 of the Nigerians who voluntarily returned from South Africa in the wake of xenophobic violence chose to visit The SCOAN,” the statement from the church said.

“TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners gave the group N3,000,000 to support them in their ventures back home.”

Clergyman Composes Song

Concise News had reported that T.B Joshua could not hold back tears as he let them out on Sunday at the church’s service following renewed xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Concise News reports that Joshua composed an emotional song to address the issues of xenophobia and disunity affecting the continent of Africa.

The televangelist proceeded to the stage with the SCOAN Choir.

He decided not to talk but express his feeling and that of like-minded Africans and the world at large through this special composition urging Africa to unite in love and solidarity. “Africa unite!”

In the song, he asked Africans not let fellow Africans feel unwelcome to their countries.

Also, he prayed people’s heart will be moved as they listen.

It would be recalled that this online news medium reported last week that Joshua stressed the significance of both Nigeria and South Africa to the African continent, saying “the wound of one should be the wound of all”.

TB Joshua on his official Twitter account tweeted a clip of one of his past preachings about Nigeria and South Africa.

In the two minutes video, TB Joshua said: “I cannot just leave here without remembering our nation, South Africa.

“The world should know that every country has their challenges.

“The wound of one should be the wound of all.

“Whatever happens in any African country, we should come together – what can we do?

“Every African should be concerned about whatever happens in Nigeria.

“Every African should be concerned about whatever happens in South Africa.

“We should see it as if it happened in the whole African continent.

“The wound of one should be the wound of all.

“Every continent is like a human being; Africa is like a human being.

“South Africa may be a hand. Ghana may be another hand. Nigeria may be one leg. Benin may be another leg. Congo may be eyes. Another country like Togo may be the mouth.

“If anything happens to any part of this body, the whole body will feel it.”