Intersociety Calls For Upgrade In Educational Qualifications Of President In Nigeria

The International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law (Intersociety) has called for the upgrade in educational qualification for those seeking the positions of president and governor in Nigeria.

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The group recommended a Master’s Degree for people seeking these positions, while reacting to the recent judgment of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, which upheld President Muhammadu Buhari’s election despite allegations that he did not posses the minimum educational requirements.

In a statement signed by its chairman, board of trustees, Emeka Umeagbalasi, the group said it amounted to racing back into the cave to allow persons with no known educational background to govern the country.

The group said, “It also amounts to racing back to the cave from being Africa’s cradle of knowledge for Nigeria’s seats of Presidential and Gubernatorial powers to be cheaply and illiterately occupied by persons without physically proven or certified educational certificates or qualifications.

“It is further insulting beyond quantification to the modern-day knowledgeable world for the offices of the President and Governor in Nigeria to be allowed to be occupied by persons with ordinary secondary school or primary school certificates-whereas in other social climes, such are occupied by professors and doctorate degree holders with unassailable charisma.”

It also said, “It is, therefore, time to mandatorily, constitutionally and statutorily raise the qualification for the seats of the President and Governor and their deputies in Nigeria to nothing less than Master’s Degree.

“Ignorance and stark illiteracy must never be allowed a space over knowledge and ideas in the country’s corridors of power. As a jurisprudential tradition in the world over, judicial blunders and disasters such as the instant case arising from apex and appellate decided cases are periodically remedied byways of constitutional amendments or enactment of new laws to take care of such judicial blunders or disasters.

“We hereby call on the National Assembly of Nigeria to act on the above without further delays.”