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Excited N-Power beneficiaries (Photo: N-Power/Twitter)

Handlers of the N-Power scheme on Thursday asked beneficiaries to let them know how much they save from their monthly allowance, Concise News reports.

This news medium understands that the N-Power scheme has about 500, 000 beneficiaries across the country who are paid N30,000 ($83) each as monthly allowance.

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In recent months, payment of the monthly N-Power allowance have come a bit late with beneficiaries lamenting the development.

In a post on its official handle, N-Power, however, asked beneficiaries of the scheme to tell them how much they are able to save from their monthly allowance.

“Hi Guys,” the tweet read, “How much do you save monthly?

“Please take this poll and let us know.”

The question, as expected, sparked off a series of reaction from the beneficiaries with some of them claiming that the delay in payment makes it hard for them to save.

Others, however, appreciated the scheme for giving them a foundation to build their lives on as seen in the comments below: