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A herdsman/File Photo

The Yobe State Chapter of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) on Wednesday tasked government in the state to implement the ‘Ruga Resettlement Initiative’ of the federal government.

Concise News understands that the State Secretary of the Association Bello M. Bello in a statement issued on Wednesday said the implementation of the initiative is the best way of improving the lives of pastoralists.

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He added that initiative will also lead to the multiplication of more cows, milk, and beef for the economic prosperity of the pastoralists and that of the state as well.

Bello said while appealing to the government that “Government can easily use the existing grazing/game reserves in the state for this purpose by settling the herdsmen permanently, growing grasses, establishing veterinary clinics, dispensaries, drilling boreholes/establish dams and schools on these settlements so that they can equally benefit from the dividends of democracy as their counterparts living in towns and cities,”

He stressed that the initiative is very important considering the needs of the state in creating understanding between all conflicting groups in the state.

“In this case, maintaining peaceful coexistence between farmers and herdsmen will curtail the problem of encroachment into grazing reserves by farmers and vise-versa as animals may not be roaming into farmlands,” he explained.

Bello in the statement called on Yobe State Government to give nomadic education special consideration due to the critical nature of the field and also demanded that, educated herdsmen be given employment opportunities.