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Ace comedian and filmmaker, Ayo Makun has opined that taking the decision to render financial assistance to everyone is not advisable.

According to AY, people fail to understand that one will go broke if they decide to give everyone out of the little they have.

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Taking to his social media handle, the comedian wrote “from not wanting to disappoint anybody, people consistently expects u to PLEASE everyone. It’s only in Nigeria your 1Million Naira will attract 20 friends & family with 100k problems each?Why do they always fail to understand that if you give everybody, u will become BROKE too?”

Stating that trouble will loom when you try to help everyone, he said: “People around you should understand that you cannot please everyone all the time. It usually ends up being a terrible move whenever you try to do that amongst people who fails to understand or lack appreciation for even the little you do.”

“We can only appreciate the sermon of ‘Give and it will come back to you…’ when you are in position to give. There’s always going to be someone disappointed”

“You might as well make yourself happy and Be You. ‘Givers never lack’ no mean say make you lack sense.”

He further stated that he cannot kill himself in attempts to help others, saying “According to Timaya ‘I CAN’T KILL MYSELF”