Tammy Abraham | Getty Image

Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham has said his mother was broke down in tears following the racial abuse he suffered on social media, Concise News reports.

Abraham was abused racially online after he missed a penalty in the Super Cup last month against Liverpool.

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Although the former England youth international said he has ignored the issue, his mother felt bad seeing his son go through abusive treatment.

“I remember speaking to my mum, she was emotional, she was in tears,” Abraham told CNN.

“You know, she’s just thinking: ‘Why him? Why him?’ It’s obviously not nice to hear, especially seeing your son getting abused.

“For me, I’m always a strong character, it doesn’t affect me as much. But saying that, it could affect people who don’t have my personality.

“It was a challenging moment for me, I went through a lot of emotions.”

Footballers have recently been exposed to racial abuse on social media with Manchester United duo Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba also victims.

And Abraham is surprised seeing that racism is still so visible.

“I thought it was long gone,” he said. “Of course you’re always going to get it now and then in certain countries but no, I didn’t think it would be an issue in our day and age.”

Also, he thanked his teammates and coach Frank Lampard for standing by him in the heat of the racial abuse.

“I had a lot of abuse but Frank Lampard always had his arm around my shoulder, lifted me up,” Abraham added.

“Straight after, the boys, manager and everyone at Chelsea had my back. The next day, [Lampard] called me to find out how I was.

“He didn’t want to go over the situation because he knew how I was feeling, but just wanted to find out how I was, make sure that I wasn’t distracted from football and my personal life was all right.

“It’s nice to have that support behind you when you’re going through times like that.”