Outgoing Arsenal manager Wenger (photo credit: TalkSport

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that his failed bid to sign the duo of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi was his biggest regret as manager of the Gunners, Concise News understands.

The Frenchman was said to have been close to signing the pair before they went on to become football icons with different clubs – Manchester United and Barcelona.

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Speaking to beIN Sports, Wenger said: “Yes, you have to live with regret in life with unachieved business,” he told beIN Sports USA when asked if he ever tried to sign Ronaldo.

“And this is a big part of it.”

He however clarified on Messi’s issue, saying it was hard for him to leave Barcelona, with the Gunners having already signed Cesc Fabregas.

“Never [had Messi with an Arsenal shirt]. We were in discussion with him when we bought Fabregas,

“You can realise sometimes what fantastic youth teams you had before when you’re a club like Barcelona. But in the same team: Messi, Pique and Fabregas.

“Pique and Fabregas came to Spain, Messi came to England and Messi stayed in Spain.

“We were interested in him, yes. But he was untouchable at the time.”

Messi has gone on to become arguably the best player of his generation, winning all club trophies and becoming an iconic figure in modern football.