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Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state (image courtesy: State House)

Apostle Johnson Suleman has claimed that governors owing salaries in Nigeria would face the judgement of God, Concise News reports.

This news platform understands that Apostle Suleman also claimed that God would reward such “wicked politicians.”

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He said it is unusual for a company or organization to owe its workers as it is unhealthy for both the firm and employees.

According to him, some of the governors who have refused to pay salaries, a subtle allusion to Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, do not have any business to return to power.

He said he saw a family that has not eaten for days due to the inability of the state governor to pay salaries and wondered why such leader is seeking for re-election.

“[I] Just saw a whole family tell me that they haven’t eaten for days; the governor hasn’t paid them for over 10 months and he wants to come back? To do what?” he tweeted.

“See how pale the kids look… May the Lord reward all of you wicked politicians. Any man who refuses to pay his workers would face the judgement of God.”

He recalled that “I have had staff for 15 years and never owed salaries one day…even when the company runs on deficit, I do my best to pay…workers welfare is key for business health/growth.”

Yahaya Bello’s Kogi State Defaulting

In April, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) said the Kogi government is owing workers between 8 – 38 months salary arrears.

This online news medium understands that the NLC Chairman in Kogi State Onuh Edoka, said this at the seventh quadrennial delegates’ conference in Lokoja, Thursday.

According to Edoka, the non-payment of salary arrears is in spite of the over N200 billion given to Kogi State as monthly allocations and several bailouts and loan collected.

He lamented that the development has left workers in the state battered and almost turning to beggars.

The NLC boss noted that the worst hit among the workers was the local government staff some of who were owed over 52 months salaries arrears.

Edoka thus called on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene in the matter by releasing the second batch of the N30. 8 billion bailout fund to the Kogi State government to enable it to pay salary arrears.