South Africa Reacts To 'Bomb Blast' At Mission In Nigeria
Image courtesy: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria

South Africa’s Acting High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ambassador Bobby Moroe, has said that there was no damage or bombing of any of the country’s property at its missions in Nigeria.

Concise News learned that Moroe said on Saturday that both South African missions located in Abuja and Lagos were intact.

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His comments were made on the back of reports (not on Concise News) that a bomb had exploded at the High Commission in Abuja.

”Both South African missions in Nigeria remain intact; all our staff members are safe and no reports of intimidation have been brought to our attention,” he told NAN.

“The careless use of social media is a ploy to create tension and panic among our peoples of South Africa and Nigeria.

“We condemn in strongest terms such acts of deception, as they seek to destroy the very essence of our relations with Nigeria and further fuel tension and confusion within society.

“We encourage social media users to be responsible, sensitive and always verify the authenticity of sensitive information before it can be circulated.”

Nigeria dismisses reports as fake news

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, had earlier debunked the report.

In a statement, the Minister said the report “is fake news orchestrated by desperate opposition to cause panic and chaos among the populace.”

He observed that the video of the purported bomb explosion was that of a bomb explosion at Emab Plaza, near Banex, Abuja, which occurred on June 25, 2014.

“A pattern is emerging of the antics of the desperate opposition to latch on to the use of fake news and disinformation as a strategy to trigger chaos in the country,” he said.

He continued, “On Friday (6 Sept 2019), they doctored and circulated the video of my appearance on Channels Television in January 2015 (when I was the spokesman of the APC) to make it look like I was begging Nigerians to forgive President Buhari for not having a school certificate. Worse still, they posted the video afresh, giving the impression it happened last Thursday and that I acted in my capacity as Minister of Information and Culture.

”Unfortunately for them, this doctored video came out on the same day a report emerged that the PDP had sent lawyers and party agents to the University of Cambridge to confirm the authenticity of the President’s West African school certificate, only to be stunned to discover that not only did the President write the examination, he also passed.

”One would have expected a party that trumpets its belief in the rule of law, a party that challenged the result of the last presidential election in court, to wait patiently for the impending judgement on the issue instead of engaging in underhand tactics and resorting to self help.”