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A herdsman/File Photo

The Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore has said that the Fulani are ready to collect land and settle in any part of the country, Concise News understands.

This statement came from the President of the Miyetti Allah Bello Bodejo who was reacting to the war Ohanaeze declared against erring pastoralists caught up trespassing from one community to another.

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According the Bodejo, Fulani people are the largest ethnic group in the country and deserve to have a place carved out for them in every state in Nigeria.

“The bush doesn’t belong to them [governors and Ohanaeze],” he told Sun.

“If you are a governor or whatever they can call you, the bush has been there. If they claim that they are farming, they are not farming on every part of the bush.

“For the Fulani, their business is inside the bush. The governor and the organisation don’t have any reason for that; if they did, let them open up or come up with the reason.

“They can’t say if they want to bring cows they must bring them in with vehicles.

“Before the introduction of vehicles, the Fulani were moving with their cows and supplying their cows to any part of the country.

“From Taraba State, Fulani have been trekking with their cows to sell in Anambra, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Uyo, etc. This is part of the culture of the Fulani.”

He added that “The governors of Borno and Kano states have made the promises, but in all the governors across the country, we have seen a very serious governor, and he is the Zamfara State governor.

“I like to call him, ‘Talk and Do Governor’, because he came and saw the Fulani issue was all about politics.

“He came out to say something and he is implementing it, like this RUGA issue and how he is settling this banditry problem and the crises in the state.

“If Borno State governor says he has given the Fulani Sambisa forest to go and settle, let him start to implement it, but it should not be a politics thing.

“Fulani are ready to collect not only Sambisa; every state in this country should give the Fulani someplace to settle, as they are the largest ethnic group in Nigeria.

“They are so many that three states cannot accommodate them. Let every governor; both in the North and the South carve out an area for the Fulani in their respective states. Yes, that is what I’m talking about.

“If a Yoruba, an Igbo or any other ethnic group were the president and Ruga is to be implemented, nobody will raise an eyebrow.

“The reason they are saying this is because President Muhammadu Buhari is a Fulani and as I said earlier, people are trying to be playing politics with anything that concerns Fulani.”

The Rural Grazing Reserve Area (RUGA) was meant to curb clashes between herdsmen and farmers in the country but later suspended following the controversy it generated.