2019 BBNaija
Ike and Mercy

It was another drama session in the Big Brother house on Friday, after Ike saw his love interest Mercy’s nakedness, Concise News understands.

The drama started when Ike barged into the bathroom while Mercy was having a shower, despite being given a prior warning.

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Angered by his action, Mercy ranted after the shower time, saying her love interest was fond of doing that.

She said: “Stop intruding into my privacy, Ike has the habit of entering the bathroom whenever I’m naked and I don’t like it.

“If your name is Ike try me again and enter the bathroom while I’m naked.”

Recently, the couple had a heated argument where they insulted themselves in a face-off that took place after a Saturday night party.

The argument escalated and the love birds began to throw jabs at each other, threatening to end their blossoming relationship.

In the middle of the fight, Mercy told Ike that he came to the show after he had failed in America and ought to be worried about eviction.