Yul Edochie Messages Nigerian Youths About Leaving Country
Yul_Edochie/ File image

Popular Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has sent a message to Nigerian youths, telling them to stop leaving the country for greener pastures, Concise News reports.

The politician said the attempt of escaping to get a better living has confronted them with bestial treatment by their hosts, like the South Africans.

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In thought-provoking tweets on Thursday, Edochie said politicians are not the only problem of Nigeria, but also her citizens.

He wrote, “I always thought our problem was our leaders till I joined politics and realized the people are also a big part of the problem.

“If you run for office and you don’t have money to share, even your village people will leave you and support a well known kidnapper who is sharing money.

“Yes our leaders have failed us for so long but running out of the country is not the best option. Who go fix am?

“Then we are treated as 3rd class citizens abroad. We need all hands on deck, all voices.

“The fewer the opposition, the easier it is for the oppressor to carry on”.

Edochie had also sympathised with Nigerians caught in the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

In one tweet posted on 3 September, he wrote, “I grieve with the families of our people killed in S.A.

“Shame on all you South Africans doing this. If you don’t want foreigners you simply deport them.

“You can’t touch one white man but you can kill your fellow African. Cowards. Shame on you.

“May God punish your generation!”

Amidst this, a South African Identified as Yoyo gave a response to the tweet, saying, “I rebuke that saying, our generations won’t be affected am not condoning the behaviour of my citizens.”