Why I Wouldn't Forgive Ferguson -Roy Keane Discloses
Sir Alex Ferguson. Twitter

Roy Keane has revisited a feud with former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson after being asked whether his actions were to serve the interests of the club.

Keane played in 13 Premier League seasons under Ferguson, but the pair have not seen eye-to-eye after Keane’s bitter exit from Old Trafford in 2005.

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The former Republic of Ireland midfielder, who was speaking at an Off The Ball event in Dublin, said: “I wouldn’t forgive Ferguson. The media spin, how I apparently upset everybody, it was all nonsense.

“People talk about Ferguson’s man-management. Nonsense. People said he always had the best interests of Manchester United at heart.”

He further claimed that Ferguson placed his family way too big at the club, calling his son Darren as “lucky” to get a Premier League winners’ medal in 1992/1993 season before Keane joined United.

The 48-year-old said: “Darren Ferguson [his son] won a medal. He was very lucky.

“His brother was the chief scout for Manchester United for a long time. I’m surprised his wife wasn’t involved in the staff somewhere.

“Darren was [the manager] at Preston North End and lost his job. He had a couple of young players on loan from Manchester United. Guess what happens the next day?

“They’ve pulled out of Preston. Is that doing the best for Manchester United? Do me a favour.”