Davido Congratulated Debo Ogundoyin
Davido/File image

Davido has boasted of his father’s wealth as he stated that there is no money Osun State can make in the next 30 to 40 years that his dad has not made.

Concise News understands that Davido said this during a private listening party ahead of his ‘A good time’ to be released in October.

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Speaking about politics with MTV Base TV, Davido said: “with the whole politics thing it was first about family, let me tell you a story about my uncle he is the last born of the family. the original politician of the family is serubawon, my father’s elder brother.”

“He was the first governor of Oun state; came back then went for senator you know when everybody for the state knows that this is the next governor and then we just woke up one day and they said he went to eat somewhere and he died.”

“The next in line is b red’s daddy and he doesn’t like politics but when you lose your brother everybody knows what’s up. with that, they wanted to give my uncle automatically.”

“A day to them swearing him in as senator they said no we want to do re-election another guy has come up and my father doesn’t like wahala so he said let’s go to the other party if we lose we pack our thing and go. the next day we did election my uncle cleared 16 out of 17 local government areas.”

“He became a senator in just a week. his own journey to winning that governorship primary election was out of sight that was how we knew this one nah God.” Davido continued.

“it was painful and will tell everybody here that was the real reason i was not even in the country because of the politics. i have to watch what i say. if i was around he no go dey ok for me and my people. so i had to be a man and say look let me stay away.”

“we have Adeleke university all the roads that lead was done by my father. there’s no money Osun wants to make in the next 30 to 40 years that my father has not made. the way things turned out was crazy” Davido concluded.