Italy PM Giuseppe Conte. AFP

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Thursday sworn in 21 ministers for his second term in government.

This time, the prime minister will lead a more progressive coaltion between the Five Star Movement and the pro-EU Democratic Party, as League leader Matteo Salvini cut himself off the executive by bringing down the government in August, aiming at early elections.

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The breakthrough came with the online vote of the Movement’s activists, who chose to confirm the formation of the new government with 80% of preferences.

The new cabinet will thus have 21 ministers, 10 from the Five Stars, 9 from the Dems, and 1 from the left-wing Liberi e Uguali.

Among the ministers, the Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio will quit the Ministry of Economic Affairs to be appointed Foreign Minister, while Democratic MEP and history teacher Roberto Gualiteri will be the Tresuary secretary in charge of carrying out the complicated budget law of this fall.

Of the 21 ministers, nine hail from the PD, 10 from the M5S, one from the small left-wing Free and Equals party, and one has no affiliation with any political party — the new interior minister.

The list of ministers with portfolio:

Prime Minsiter: Giuseppe Conte

Undersecretary: Riccardo Fraccaro

Interior Minister: Luciana Lamorgese

Economic Affairs: Roberto Gualtieri

Foreign Minister. Luigi Di Maio

Justice: Alfonso Bonafede

Defense: Lorenzo Guerini

Infrastructure & Transport: Paola De Micheli

Farming and Forest Policies: Teresa Bellanova

Culture and Tourism: Dario Franceschini

Economic Development: Stefano Patuanelli

Labour: Nunzia Catalfo

Environment: Sergio Costa

Education: Lorenzo Fioramonti

Health: Roberto Speranza

The list of ministers without portfolio:

European Affairs: Enzo Amendola

Parliamentary Relations: Federico D’Incà

Public Administration: Fabiana Dadone

Regional Affairs: Francesco Boccia

South: Giuseppe Provenzano

Equal Opportunities: Elena Bonetti

Technologic Innovation: Paola Pisano

Sports and Youth Policies: Vincenzo Spadafora