Actress Dayo Amusa Displays HIV Result
Dayo Amusa. Source: Instagram.

Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa shared a photo revealing that her HIV test result is “Non-reactive,” Concise News reports.

Information has it that she made this the next action to the world after she debunked being pregnant.

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Taking Instagram, the filmmaker and singer, made it known that she runs her medical test in every quarter of the year.

She further encouraged her fans and followers to get updated about their health status from time to time.

She wrote, “The quarterly year test and the results were quite NEGATIVE!

“Knowing your HIV and Hepatitis B status would save your life and your loved ones.”

Explaining How She Makes Money

Dayo Amusa had explained to her fans that she makes money from other business she does aside movie making.

She took to her Instagram to explain this after a fan questioned her spending pattern.

In a lengthy post, she narrated how she makes the money and how she spends it.

The actress pointed out that asides from being an actress, she is a filmmaker and also an entrepreneur.

Dayo went further to say that she can decide to spend her money anyhow she deems fit because she is benefiting from her hard work.

Stating Why Actors Should Live Fake Lifestyle

She offered a word of advice to fellow actors, giving them reasons to live a large but fake lifestyle on social media.

She said, the industry in which they operate, is already make-believe.