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Andy Ruiz Knocks Anthony Joshua Out In Seventh Round To Claim Heavyweight Title | Guardian

As Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr rematch day draws near, AJ has reminded his opponent that December 7 is the last day he will hold and carry the IBF, WBA and WBO belts.

Concise News reports that the heavyweight boxers went face to face for the first time in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday since Joshua was humiliated by the Mexican.

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Joshua was floored four times and beaten in seven rounds by Ruiz on his US debut in New York.

The defeat ended Joshua’s unbeaten record, and faded his wish to fight Deontay Wilder to become an undisputed champion.

Speaking at Wednesday’s press conference in Saudi Arabia, the Briton said: “I was up against a good challenger. Andy is a champion now.

“That will last until December 7 when he puts his titles in the air. Two warriors to go war and the best man will walk out victorious.

“Being a champion is more than the belts. It’s about a championship mindset. The belts will go up in the air and we will fight for them again.”

Anthony Joshua Opens Up On Why He Lost To Andy Ruiz

The British heavyweight boxer had said that he lost to Ruiz in June because of a “lucky punch”.

He dropped Joshua four times before the contest was halted in the seventh round.

This news medium understands that Joshua and his opponent had signed up for the December 7 rematch to be hosted in an open-air stadium in Ad Diriyha, near the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

During an exclusive interview on ‘AJ, The Untold Truth’, Joshua confessed on how he lost to Ruiz.

He said: “By a lucky punch. By a punch sent by the gods.

“I don’t know what concussion is, but for sure, after the fight, I didn’t know what round (the fight was stopped).

“So I’m just shocked it took Ruiz Jr another four rounds to get me out. Let me concuss Ruiz Jr – he won’t get back up.”

Joshua further explained: “Ruiz Jr got hit by a flash knock-down – he was still raw, he wasn’t well-done, he wasn’t cooked yet. I should have left him a little bit longer.

“But the instinct in me was: ‘Boom!’ I ended up getting caught with a left hook on the top of the head. He ain’t that skilful. He’s a good fighter.”