Nigerian rapper and actor, Ikechukwu has revealed how he was kidnapped by some officials of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS)

Taking to his Instagram, Ikechukwu narrated how he was kidnapped two minutes away from his home and taken to Lagos Island where he was made to exhaust his allowance.

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According to the rapper, he was given the option of exhausting the allowance or be killed without anyone knowing.

He said: “ But when u are robbed and they are armed fully , 5 ak-47’s . Blows to the head and bundled into a vehicle. Isnt it the same thing. And then after u will now tell me our govt is working. Things are in place. Bla bla.

“They dont have names or numbers on their uniforms. They literally said to me ” na u burn this our hilux here yesterday abii” he continued.

“Acting like they didnt know who i was and were gonna rope me in anything they felt or do with me what they would. After collecting all the money in lagos island they start laughing telling me im too stubborn that when will i introduce them to don jazzy. Oh so u know me,” he added.