Jo Johnson has quit in a turbulent week in Westminster (Picture: AP)

Boris Johnson’s younger brother resigned from the British cabinet, saying he is ‘torn between family loyalty and the national interest,’ Concise News reports.

The MP for Orpington said he will be standing down ahead of a rumoured general election as early as next month.

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Mr Johnson, who is the minister of state for universities and science, is a Remainer who has called for a second referendum over Brexit.

He added that it had been an “honour” to serve his constituents since 2009.

Mr Johnson previously resigned as a minister under Theresa May over her handling of Brexit.

New Brexit Battle After Defeat

This online news medium earlier reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday will have another showdown in parliament after a humiliating defeat over his Brexit strategy, with MPs set to vote on a law aimed at blocking a no-deal departure.

Johnson has said he will seek an early general election if MPs vote against him again, intensifying a dramatic political crisis ahead of his October 31 Brexit deadline.

Johnson has vowed to take Britain out of the EU whether or not a divorce deal with Brussels is in place, more than three years after the referendum vote to leave the European Union.

But his opponents warn that Brexit without a deal will have disastrous economic consequences and must be avoided.

In a sign of the government’s determination, finance minister Sajid Javid will also on Wednesday unveil another £2 billion (2.2 billion euros, $2.4 billion) of funding to deal with Brexit, including for new port infrastructure.

But Johnson’s Conservative government is in disarray.

Extra £2bn For Brexit Delivery

Earlier today, the Prime Minister promised to set aside an extra 2 billion pounds (2.4 billion dollars) for Brexit delivery.

“Within my first few days as chancellor, I provided 2.1 billion pounds of extra funding for Brexit and ‘no deal’ preparedness.

“today, I can announce that we provide a further 2 billion pounds for Brexit delivery next year as well.’’

Johnson has urged opposition lawmakers to back his plan for a snap election on October 15 if, as expected, they support a bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

“After years of slash and burn, today’s announcements add up to less than one third of the 47 billion pounds of cuts this government has voted through since 2010.’’