Sir Dee (source: Instagram)
Sir Dee (source: Instagram)

Evicted BBNaija housemate Sir Dee has opened up on the female housemate that would have been his love interest if he was single, Concise News understands.

Speaking during a chat with Pulse, Sir Dee revealed that he would have dated Esther as a result of her smartness and intelligence.

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He said: “I was attracted to people on different levels. So if I was emotionally available, I would have pursued some of those attractions. I would say Esther. Esther is a very smart girl and very intelligent and intelligence is something that is very attractive.”

Meanwhile, a footage of Sir Dee’s reunion with his girlfriend, who is a twin, surfaced on the internet and it stirred several reactions from fans.

In the footage, his girlfriend and her twin sister give him warm embrace and fans wondered how easy it was to recognize her as a result of their striking resemblance.

Asked how he was able to differentiate between the two of them, he said: “They have different expressions on their faces. One looks calmer, the other is tougher. Unfortunately, the tougher one is my girlfriend (Laughter) Not unfortunate, I’m with the tougher one, so it may seem…let’s leave it like that.”