Xenophobic: CSOs Urge Nigeria To Suspend Relations With South Africa
Xenophobic: CSOs Urge Nigeria To Suspend Relations With South Africa/Twitter

The Civil Society Groups (CSOs) in Kaduna has called on Nigeria to suspend diplomatic relations with South Africa over the constant unwarranted killings of Nigerians in that country.

The CSOs also called on President Muhammadu Buhari to directly engage the President of South Africa and decisively demand answers on the killings.

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Concise News understands that Yusuf Amoke, who addressed a press conference on behalf of the coalition on Wednesday said they want the Federal Government to seek a special meeting of the African Union to discuss the matter.

“Nigeria and other African Governments should suspend all kind of relationship with the government of South Africa until a convincing assurance is given by the government of South Africa that such dastardly act would not repeat itself,” it said.

The coalition also said that South Africa must be made to compensate families of the victims and those whose businesses were destroyed.

“Nigerian Government should also request for an African Union (AU) Emergency Meeting to take a decisive position and sanction the South African Government for being unable to put an end to this reoccurring decimal in their country.”

It added that the Nigerian Government should institute necessary logistical preparations to bring back all Nigerians willing to return home from South Africa.

“Also the Nigerian Government should sanction the South African business environment in Nigeria by temporarily shutting them down until certain agreements are reached.”

However, it was reported that the Presidency on Tuesday announced the intention of President Buhari to visit South Africa next month following the renewed spate of killings of Nigerians and other foreigners in the country.

Ahead of his visit, Buhari had already dispatched a special envoy to convey his concerns over the attacks to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The CSOs said “We the people of Africa, particularly Nigeria, bitterly mourn the senseless killings of fellow Africans by South Africans, which is covertly supported by the Government of South Africa.

“It is worthy to remind the South African people and its Government that the freedom they enjoy today as a result of the collective efforts of other African Nations, most especially Nigeria.

“We as people refused to be violent against South Africans living, studying and doing businesses in Nigeria, not because we cannot be violent, but because we simply refused to be animals.

“However, further of such action on a single Nigerian will leave us with no choice but to react in a more deadly manner that would be a shocker to not only the South African Government and People but also to the international community.”