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FG’s N-Power Scheme (Photo Courtesy: N-Power/Twitter)

N-Power beneficiaries are full of thanks for taking advantage of the scheme’s partnership with IBM Digital Nation Africa to sharpen their technology skills, Concise News reports.

This news platform understands that N-Power took to their Twitter handle to share “testimony” of the partnership with IBM from beneficiaries.

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According to N-Power, “With IBM’s Digital Nation Africa, some of our beneficiaries have explored emerging technologies around Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and also improved their technology and future skills.

“Read some of their “testimonies” here.”

N-Power beneficiaries can participate by logging into their NPVN portal and following the instructions that follow.

Competition Objectives:
The competition aims to:
  1. Enable Nigerian citizens, entrepreneurs, and communities with the knowledge and tools to innovate, and design, develop, and launch their own digital solutions.
  2. Enable vital skills development needed to transform Nigeria to the next level of productivity and efficiency
  3. Enable N-Power volunteers to learn on the IBM platform
How to Participate: 
The competition is designed for:
  • All Volunteers on the N-Health, N-Teach and N-Agro streams
  • Volunteers registered on the IBM-DNA platform
  • Volunteers in the first and second batch of the N-Power program
Competition Process:
  1. Volunteers register on the IBM DNA by following Links on the N-Power Portal to Start Learning and Earning Badges.
  2. Learners with the highest number of Badges each week (in the case where there are multiple winners, the  ‘Learning Hours’ takes preference) win the weekly cash prize and volunteers are selected from the poll of Top learners for the Final Stage of the Competition.
  3. The competitors will present their solutions in an organised program where their ideas will be judged by selected judges.
  4. Winners would be selected and awarded.