Christian Leader Berates Pastors, Speaks On CAN Being Partisan
Rev. Samson Ayokunle

Rev. (Dr) Ola Ayankeye, Deputy President (Academics), Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary (NBTS), Ogbomoso, Oyo State, has blamed the challenges in Nigeria to the failure of churches to preach the unmixed gospel.

Ayankeye, who made this known on Monday in Ogbomoso ahead of the 2019 NBTS Ministers’ Conference in the state.

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Concise News reports that Ayankeye accused the security challenges rocking the nation to failure of the church to reach out to unbelievers and speak truth to people in power.

He said: “You know when people don’t understand God, they behave anyhow. So to “Guard the Gospel” here is talking about getting yourself equipped, understand, apply, teach and lead the gospel.

“If you do that, others will see you and learn from you in a way that they will want to live their lives to ensure the transformation of society.

“By that, all the problems we are facing will be reduced drastically.”

The pastor insisted that recklessness on the part of the leadership and the following was because several Nigerians were not spiritually trained, adding that the nation’s leaders need to work with the church to bring back the glory.

Ayankeye ridiculed the suggestions that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was involved in partisan politics, claiming that the association was only playing its role as a stakeholder in the nation’s project.

According to him, when we say partisan politics, has CAN ever plan to take over Aso Rock? No. The fact that the one who is wrong is not from my tribe doesn’t make me an enemy of that person.

He said: “So, because the person speaking does not belong to us, therefore, he is partisan. But if he is speaking what I want to hear, he is not practising partisan politics. Is that what we are saying?

“Objectivity should be allowed in our polity so that whatever anybody says should be considered rather than the person saying it. We should value issues rather than personality.

“CAN should continue to be what it is. To be CAN does not mean it should not speak about what is going on in the country. If CAN does not speak, then, it is not playing its expected role,” he added.