Ekiti Assembly Reveals Why They Resisted Fayose’s Ambush
Out-gone governor of the state of Ekiti (source Facebook)

Ekiti Chapter of the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) has lauded the Ekiti State House of Assembly for taking a bold step to summon the immediate past Governor, Ayodele Fayose, over alleged fraud committed in some councils during his administration.

Concise News understands that Chairman of the group, Deacon Olu Akomolafe, in a statement on Sunday, said with this action, the Assembly had proved that there were no sacred cows in the war against the plundering of public funds.

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Akomolafe added that Fayose allegedly invading the assembly 24 hours after the summons was uncalled for.

The CNPP chairman added that the action could be described as a desperate attempt to entrap the House and create the impression that the legislators were out to humiliate him.

Akomolafe said: “CNPP as a body that relishes the anti-graft war of President Buhari commends the House for rising above primordial sentiment and pettiness and took the bulls by the horns by standing its ground to call former governor Fayose to question.

“Corruption in the facet of misappropriation of public funds and amassing of ill-gotten wealth remain the main challenges of the Nigerian society. And any step taken to curb the unbridled penchant for materialism by our leaders must be commended.

“As much as we are not doing media trial for the former Governor, we advise him to act as a true statesman by subjecting himself to scrutiny and resist the temptation of reducing the exercise to a political tool.”

The body particularly ridiculed the ex-governor for allegedly politicising the issue through his august visit to the Assembly complex on Friday without a due invitation by the House Committee on Public Accounts.

He further said: “CNPP viewed the action as a way of defaming the integrity of the assembly rather than the respect for the legislature the visit was portrayed to represent as claimed by for governor.

“The parliament has a way of doing things. They have their tradition which has been that when you are summoned, they will write formally to you and agree on a date.

”Why then did former governor Fayose stormed the house barely 24 hours after he was invited? This was smacked of suspicion and an attempt to politicise the whole exercise.”

CNPP appealed to the lawmakers to remain courageous and pursue the investigation with zeal and loyalty to the constitution, rather than pandering to the intrigues of political settlement.