Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's Account Hacked
Jack Dorsey/Reuters

The Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s chief executive officer, appears to have been hacked in an embarrassing security lapse for the social network.

At 12.44pm Pacific time on Friday, the account @jack began publishing a series of tweets that appear to be from the hackers, who self-identified as “Debug, Corey, NuBLoM, Joe, Owen, & Aqua” or the “ChucklingSquad”.

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The Guardian UK reports that the rapid stream of tweets included racial slurs and profanity and a reference to “a bomb at Twitter HQ”.

The tweets also shared a link to a Discord server – a type of internet chat room – where users appeared to be boasting about the hack in the moments after the account was hijacked.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.