Toyin Lawani Twerks Without Panties
Toyin Lawani (image credit: Google)

Controversial business mogul, Toyin Lawani, has caused a stir on social media after she uploaded a video of herself twerking without pants.

Concise News garnered that the celebrity stylist was seen whining her waist as she regarded herself as one who plays a lot.

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In the video, the stylist, who revealed she was waiting for a spa session, was without any underwear while she was lying on the bed.

“SPA TIME. I PLAY TOO MUCH IF U TAKE ME SERIOUS U WILL HV HEADACHE,” these were are words on the uploaded video.

The mom of two is popularly known for pulling nude stunts for the sakes of promoting either skincare line or fashion brand.

Many have criticized her for the video while some male of her fans have poured out all the unimaginable things they would like to do to her.

Before now, the entrepreneur was in the news for calling out men who have been sliding into the direct message of her daughter’s Instagram. 

She took screenshots of the men who sent in messages, said a few persons believed the girl was the one running her Instagram page.

According to her, she opened the account in the name of her daughter and has since been receiving messages from people who say they want to know her some more.

Also, she sometimes ago through her social media revealed that she would be getting married to three men when clock forty.

She said this on Instagram, as she questioned double standards that allow men to marry multiple wives but frowns at women doing same.

The mother of two says she will build houses for each of her husbands and there will be the main house where the men will meet her when it’s their turn.