Majid Michel (source: Instagram)
Majid Michel (source: Instagram)

Top Ghanaian actor Majid Michel, has bemoaned corrupt practices among politicians in his home country, Concise News understands.

Angered by how poor people are neglected and the lawlessness that has taken over the entire country, Michel gave an illustration in an Instagram post.

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He wrote “Visit the slums in your country, where thousands of people Live in rat infested run down Dilapidated homes, where the land lords never come around to provide services for.”

“It’s common for a mother to wake up in the middle of the night and send a loud scream to the community as she discovers that her 2 week old baby has been chewed to death by a vicious rat.”

“U can set your watches and observe the police as they drive in the neighborhood to collect their bribes to keep the extortion going. And through all this, there have been great numbers of evangelical Christians who have joined the hoot and cry for LAW and ORDER.”

“But how do you explain LAW and ORDER to a mother who is standing at the foot of her bed watching her baby lie in a blood bath, when she knows that her baby would have never been bitten by a rat in the first place and the rat would have never been in the building, if the land lord to whom she had been paying high rent, had been providing the kind of service she deserved for the kind of rent she was paying.”

“How do you explain LAW and ORDER to her, when she knows the building code inspector who represents the city administration, who is supposed to check out violations in buildings was by that building the day before and was met at the front door by the land lord, who palmed money in his hands and the building code inspector kept going.”

“Now that is LAWLESSNESS!!But the point is, we never arrest the land lord, we never lock up the building code inspector but i’ll tell you who we lock up. We lock up the frustrated, bitter 16yr old brother of that 2week old sister who in his bitterness takes to the street, throws a brick at that building code inspector, then we lock him up an say we’ve got to have LAW and ORDER.”

“But the difficultly in coming to Grips with the evangelical message of Jesus Christ, is the fact that most evangelicals around the world, who say that Christ is the answer, will also go back to their communities, and vote for LAW and ORDER candidates who will keep the system the way it is!! And as time goes by, you soon begin to learn that what they mean by LAW and ORDER, is all the ORDER for US, and all the LAW for THEM. #LEADERSHiP “

The actor took up pastoral duties in 2016 and has visited several churches for ministrations.