Film director, Kemi Adetiba has unveiled her plans to make the second part of her intriguing movie, ‘king of boys’.

Concise News understands that this is coming 10 months after the premiere of the ‘king of boys’

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In a recent tweet, she wrote “So, finally tackled the scene where Makanaki and Odogwu Malay meet (read as confront) each other for the first time in KOB 2… And..”

Seeing the tweet, fans expressed their opinions on what shape the script should take, as she informed them of her fears of sharing the script with anyone including the actors, saying she might need to have the crew and cast sign the non-disclosure form.

She tweeted “I’m even afraid to share the script with ANYONE at this point. Even folks that NEED to read it. But, as I’ve mentioned before, even if you manage to get your hands on a script, NO script will have the final scene. And we will shoot 3 alternate endings…Cos I don’t trust y’all😏

“Hmmmmmmmm… With the way y’all are acting, I definitely will need a lockdown on the KOB 2 set, with everyone signing airtight NDAS.”

“I just figured out how I want KOB 2 to end,” she tweeted. She went on to say, “Damn near at the end of the script and the ONLY thing that had us stomped was a fitting ending. Now we got it!!! However… It’s so good, we’ll have to keep it secret and out of the official script even given to the actors”.