African Games: Where Team Nigeria Stand After Day 12
Team Nigeria are mixed team champions in Badminton (image courtesy: Badminton Nigeria)

Team Nigeria moved up to second position in the overall medals table at the 2019 African Games in Rabat, Morocco, Concise News reports.

Team Nigeria relegated rivals South Africa to 3rd position after having a total of 87 medals comprising 33 gold, 25 silver and 29 bronze at the time of this report.

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Team Egypt top the log with 209 medals which include 73 gold, 84 silver and 52 bronze.

South Africa who have been Nigeria’s nightmare in recent years are in third position with 32 gold, 23 silver and 21 bronze, making their overall medals 76.

Though Algeria have more medals than Nigeria and South Africa, they have lesser number of gold medals, placing them fourth with 105 medals; 29 gold, 23 silver and 53 bronze.

The hosts, Morocco, are 5th on the log with 86 medals which include; 24 gold, 23 silver and 39 bronze medals.

The Top Ten in Medals Table

1 Egypt. 209 medals

2) Nigeria 87

3) South Africa 76

4) Algeria 105

5) Morocco. 86

6). Tunisia. 73

7) Mauritius. 23

8) Madagascar. 12

9) Kenya. 15

10) Ethiopia. 15